Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the Beginning...

...there was a strong desire to become a published artist and writer. Twenty-something years of practice, education, agony, ecstacy, profanity, and of course, practice would pass before a seasoned artist would emerge to materialize Meat Loaf's vision of a racecar guitar. Over the years, Meat Loaf kept himself busy recording double-platinum albums and acting in movies until finally, the Guitars for Hope Public Art Project provided a venue for the first Staypuff racecar guitar. Four months of designs, paintings, carvings, profanity, and fine-tuning would then pass before Western New Yorkers and visitors alike would view Staypuff at the Sculptures and Form studio, a local mall, a PBS television station, and the parking lot at D & D Towing and Recovery. Long before the seven foot sculpture would bow out of the public eye to take its place on the Guitars for Hope auction block for the sake of charity, Meat Loaf decided to immortalize Staypuff. Thus, collaboration on a second Staypuff guitar began.
Only time will determine the fate of the second Staypuff guitar. Stay tuned...

Meat Loaf Racecar Guitar Collaborations-Overview

Meat Loaf recently collaborated with artist Mary Ouimette-Kinney to create a seven foot racecar guitar sculpture, complete with airbrushed flames, logo, and carved fenders, among other features. Sculptor Lawrence F. Kinney provided additional assistance with the project. The "Staypuff" guitar, which reflects Meat Loaf's passion for car racing and the essence of his music, was the third highest-selling sculpture later sold at the Guitars for Hope charity auction, in upstate New York. Artist and rock veteran then began collaboration on a second guitar for Meat Loaf. To visit Mary Ouimette-Kinney's official website:
The official Sculptures and Form website:
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